Russian bath is a powerful source of health

Even nowadays, traditional medicine recognizes the positive effect of water vapor on individual organs of the human body. In the past, mostly they were only treated with herbs and tinctures, which, for better effect, were prescribed together with procedures in a hot Russian bathhouse. In addition to treatment, the bath is a rest for the soul. It will relax your body and purify your soul. In the present bathhouse, under the crackle of burning firewood and the fragrant herbal smell of steam, you really think about being. So it was always, so it remained in our times.

As already mentioned above, in a Russian bath it is customary not only to wash and bathe, but also to create all the conditions for resting the soul and body. And it was for this purpose that many traditions were invented. The main of them know, of course, everything – these are the famous twin brooms. Their use, types and features of use is a topic for a separate conversation. There are books and separate trainings on the proper composition and application of brooms in the baths. Modern doctors are also very supportive of such therapy, agreeing with the people that in this way any of the hairs out of the body are knocked out. But every fan to visit the bathhouse certainly has its own way of applying a steam broom that will be reluctant to share with you, because this is almost a professional secret. And the use of various herbal dues? They pour hot coals and spray the walls. Dried herbs hang in the corners for a healing aroma. Thus, you combine rest with the recovery of the whole organism.

A traditional Russian bath is not just an institution where you can wash yourself. Bath is a state of mind, body and mind, their unity. Anyone who does not like a bath, just never in it was not. We are waiting for you in Spa Odessa!

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