Russian Sauna/bath house in Tacoma, which you can truly call one of the best around the Seattle area

We continue to please our guests in 2019!

Spa Odessa – is a Russian Sauna/bath house in Tacoma, which you can truly call one of the best around the Seattle area.

Our services include:

  • Russian steam room
  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish hamam
  • Pool with cold water
  • Hot tub

Schedule for 2019:

Monday through Saturday 4:00pm – 12:30 AM
Sunday 2:00 pm – 10:00 PM

*Holliday hours may vary!

The five most popular types of baths

Russian banya

In Russia, the bath came not only to wash: it was a kind of “medical center”, where you could gain strength, relax, get rid of toxins and toxins. It was here that the witch doctors took birth: it was believed that children born in a bath would grow up healthy and strong.
Modern Russian baths refer to raw types – steam here is obtained by pouring glowing stones in the stoves. The air temperature, as a rule, is 60-70 ° C, and the humidity is 60-70%. An indispensable attribute of a Russian bath is a birch broom. It is used for a kind of massage or “beating”. Strokes with wet leaves stimulate blood circulation and promote the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.


Its history dates from the times of Ancient Rome. Once they were near thermal springs, because of which they got their name.
The terms were the pride of the rich and noble Romans. They were decorated in light colors, used marble and mosaic panels. Here came not so much to wash, how many to conduct intellectual conversations, to eat, read and even to make laws. Termes were huge rooms, which were gymnastics and dining rooms, libraries, various saunas, swimming pools and massage rooms.
This paired almost no contraindications: it helps to strengthen the body, increases immunity, relieves muscle tension, and also activates blood circulation.


The name of this Turkish steam room comes from the Arabic “boor”, which means “hot”. However, it is cooler here than, for example, in a Russian bath: the temperature is only 30-55° C. Another difference is in the rich decoration. Under the hammam, temples or temples were rebuilt very often, here you can find tiled and mosaic panels, luxurious lamps and marble columns.
It is believed that Turkish baths help with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, treat insomnia, migraine, neurasthenia and colds.


In Japan, there are several varieties of baths, and the most popular is considered ofuro. However, to call it a bath is not entirely correct: rather, it is a large bath. Ofuro is a barrel with hot water (60° C), where medicinal herbs and oils are added. The ritual itself also includes massage and warming in yet another container full of water, hot cedar sawdust or pebbles. End the procedure unhurried tea-drinking.
Japanese bath ritual is popular all over the world. It relieves stress, favorably affects the cardiovascular system and kidneys, helps to normalize metabolism and increases immunity.


For Finns, sauna is a national pride and weekly mandatory procedure. It is known that for five million people in the country there are almost 2 million saunas, and for a steam bath there is even a single word – löyly.
Sauna and bath are the next of kin. True, unlike the Russian steam room, the Finnish air temperature can reach 90-120 ° C. In addition, there is a difference in humidity: in the Russian bath this figure reaches 60%, and in Finnish – only 5-25%. The Finnish sauna also has medicinal properties. It helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, get rid of stress and neurosis, and also serves as an excellent prophylaxis for respiratory diseases.


Finnish sauna: health benefits

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to think about a healthy lifestyle. And what is a healthy lifestyle? This is not only a refusal from alcohol and smoking, physical education and sports, proper nutrition, full sleep and fresh air. Hygiene and hardening procedures in this sense are also very important, and from this point of view the Finnish sauna can be considered one of the most effective means of healing the body.
Physicians consider the Finnish sauna an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins and restore muscle work. Therefore, visiting the sauna is recommended after training and any sports activities. The sauna helps to relax, relieve stress, and of course, has a positive effect on the skin.
It is known that our skin reflects the state of health in general. You can judge the health of a person by the color of the skin, its elasticity and elasticity, greasiness and humidity, and also by the thickness of the layers. It is believed that healthy skin should have a pink tint, thanks to a good blood supply.

Benefits of the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna improves the blood supply to the skin, and gives a positive cosmetic effect without any allergies, unlike many cosmetics. The sauna can exert a positive effect on the skin even with diseases: psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, furunculosis, acne, non-healing scars and wounds.
A healthful Finnish sauna makes an optimum ratio of humidity and temperature. The temperature in the Finnish sauna, in comparison with the Russian bath, can be very high – up to 100 ° C, but the humidity is much lower – only about 15%.
The healing effect is also due to the fact that the hot air we breathe, stimulates blood supply to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and excites their cells. A strong warming up of the body improves and speeds up the metabolic processes – this explains the beneficial effect on the skin.
Previously, the Finnish sauna did not use a broom, but simply warmed up and sweated. Today in many saunas, including in Finland itself, they are happy to soar with brooms, and even watered on rocks, although mostly for this, infusions of herbs are used.
As a result of visiting the Finnish sauna, many toxins and toxins are not only removed. Our lungs begin to work harder, the heart pumps blood more actively, stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, which positively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

Russian bath is a powerful source of health

Even nowadays, traditional medicine recognizes the positive effect of water vapor on individual organs of the human body. In the past, mostly they were only treated with herbs and tinctures, which, for better effect, were prescribed together with procedures in a hot Russian bathhouse. In addition to treatment, the bath is a rest for the soul. It will relax your body and purify your soul. In the present bathhouse, under the crackle of burning firewood and the fragrant herbal smell of steam, you really think about being. So it was always, so it remained in our times.

As already mentioned above, in a Russian bath it is customary not only to wash and bathe, but also to create all the conditions for resting the soul and body. And it was for this purpose that many traditions were invented. The main of them know, of course, everything – these are the famous twin brooms. Their use, types and features of use is a topic for a separate conversation. There are books and separate trainings on the proper composition and application of brooms in the baths. Modern doctors are also very supportive of such therapy, agreeing with the people that in this way any of the hairs out of the body are knocked out. But every fan to visit the bathhouse certainly has its own way of applying a steam broom that will be reluctant to share with you, because this is almost a professional secret. And the use of various herbal dues? They pour hot coals and spray the walls. Dried herbs hang in the corners for a healing aroma. Thus, you combine rest with the recovery of the whole organism.

A traditional Russian bath is not just an institution where you can wash yourself. Bath is a state of mind, body and mind, their unity. Anyone who does not like a bath, just never in it was not. We are waiting for you in Spa Odessa!

Turkish hamam in Spa Odessa. Is it different from a traditional Russian bath

Hamam gives some especially pleasant, I would even say a gentle feeling of relaxation, quite unlike that which appears in a Russian bath or sauna. In addition – it’s just a great alternative for those who do not tolerate heat in the sauna or Russian steam room, or who have contraindications to their visit. This is possible due to a very high humidity (100%) and a relatively low air temperature. This combination creates a special microclimate, allowing you to easily enjoy all the procedures of the hamam.

Hamam, as well as other baths, positively affects all systems of our body. This is a great way to relax your body and soul, disconnect from all worries and everyday fuss, improve your well-being and understand your mood.

What is the use of the Turkish bath for the body?
Hamam as a whole very favorably affects all the functions of our body, namely:

  • perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and tightens the skin, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • displays accumulated in the body slag and toxins;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • accelerates the healing process for bronchitis and rhinitis, promotes immunity;
  • facilitates the condition in diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • relieves fatigue, nervous tension and this is a wonderful remedy for insomnia and depression.